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A Wealth Manager’s Guide To Career Growth & Success

Managing the assets of people who look up to you for guidance and advice is a huge responsibility, especially in a challenging economy. As discussed at various finance events, to stay ahead of competitors and perform well in their roles, wealth managers must constantly stay updated with the changing tides of the economy, make new connections, and look for ways to expand their client base. This blog explores a few ways through which wealth managers can advance in their careers and ensure that their clients are satisfied with their services:

Select A Niche Market

Whether you choose to be of assistance to seniors looking for retirement planning advice or help millennials find lucrative investment opportunities, the niche segment you choose will inevitably determine the profits you make and your room for growth. This also helps you to differentiate your services from the rest of the competition while giving you the opportunity to gain expertise in a particular field. So, do take a step back, explore your interests and the market before you decide to jump right in.

Independent Or Group Up?

Working for a major wealth management organization brings a lot of perks with it. This means that you will be able to use their platforms, infrastructure, and technical know-how to grow your list of clients. However, of course, you will be working for someone.

On the other hand, being an independent wealth manager with your own business means that the sky is the limit when it comes to earning revenue and acquiring clients. You get to choose the products you’d want to offer to your clients and will be able to maintain a close working relationship with them. Given the FinTech revolution, smaller businesses can also harness the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to recommend smart products and services to their clients. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of both before you choose to move forward.

Keep Up With Trends

In addition to gaining required certifications, do ensure that you keep yourself abreast of industry trends as well as emerging investment arenas. One way to do this is to attend global insurance and finance conferences. These offer the perfect platform for you to expand your horizons, get solutions to challenges that you may be facing as a client-facing professional, connect with FinTech vendors, and also find mentors for professional advice as per your goals. After all, even advisors and managers require guidance!

We hope that these strategies help you to take your career to new heights. If you are looking for international finance conferences to attend in 2022, do ensure that you add the Money 2.0 Conference to your list! Its upcoming editions will unpack important topics from the world of wealth management, such as new investment avenues, asset diversification strategies, the emergence of robo advisors, shifting demographics and client expectations, as well as how wealth managers can improve their client acquisition strategies in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era.

12/10/2021 - 06:50
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Yash Dogra
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Yash Dogra is deeply interested in learning more about the world of finance and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is a member of the organizing committee of the Money 2.0 Conference which will explore insurance and finance trends, acquaint attendees with new financial management tools, and highlight tactics to stay safe from fake/fraud investment schemes as well as spam and stock market scams.