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Money 2.0 Conference’s Upcoming Edition Highlights The Rise Of Fraudulent Transactions

The last thing a financial institution would like to deal with is a serious case of fraud. Not only does it harm the business’s reputation, but it also leads to additional financial losses in the form of fines, recovery expenses, and of course, legal fees.

Sadly, instances of scams and frauds are more common than we think. As per a report by Feedzai, banking fraud rose by 159% at the end of 2020. Market pundits believe that this number will only rise in the coming years.

In such a scenario, how can small financial services businesses prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of them? How can insurance firms mark out fraudulent claims? What should major wealth management companies do when they notice suspicious transactions?

If you have these questions too, then attending an industry event focusing on this arena can be extremely helpful. The Money 2.0 Conference's approaching edition will explore answers to these critical questions, study possible solutions, and initiate discussions amongst industry leaders to tackle the growing menace of fraud and scams in the financial services sector.

Nipping Fraud In The Bud

The Money 2.0 Conference’s Spring edition touched upon the subject of scams through its keynotes and panel discussions, all of which looked at the problem from a different lens. Clearly, attendees were interested in the changing nature of scams in the post-pandemic era as well as in the increasingly sophisticated techniques being used by fraudsters.

To take conversations around this topic a step further, the conference will invite fraud analysts and cybersecurity experts to its upcoming Winter edition in Las Vegas and Dubai. A handful of the international finance conference’s sessions will study cost-effective fraud prevention techniques for SMEs, the role of fraud mitigators in the insurance sector, financial fraud detection as a profitable business model, the risk of being scammed while investing in emerging markets, and more.

Armed with rich observations and research, the speakers will draw your attention to the challenges associated with fraud prevention in the crypto space, as well as how businesses can keep scammers at bay while maintaining a profitable digital presence. In addition to this, the Money 2.0 Conference will also host companies that offer effective scam prevention solutions to businesses around the world. As exhibitors, these companies will walk you through their range of offerings and explain how they can help keep your digital assets safe from malicious hackers.


Scammers work round the clock to devise new techniques to defraud businesses and steal customer data, which is why we must keep coming up with new ways and means to fight them. This involves knowing the tools available to help you on your journey and tweaking your approach to fraud prevention as often as possible. Naturally, knowledge is your best friend here, something which you will be able to gain by attending industry events.

One of the most-anticipated finance and insurance conferences of 2022, the Money 2.0 Conference hopes to open up a window for conversations around the concerning problem of financial scams and fraud while offering a multitude of learning and networking opportunities. Registrations are now open!

05/23/2022 - 12:10