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As Money 2.0 Conference is an in-person event, we are rising up to the COVID-19 challenge and are taking a host of steps to ensure adherence to safety and health regulations set forth by local and state authorities. Know More


Here’s What You Can Expect From Our USA Edition

After months of remote gatherings and Zoom meetings, we are pleased to announce that Money 2.0 Conference’s USA Edition will be live and in-person this year!

While the digital environment helped people stay connected during those tumultuous months of physical distancing, it cannot be contested that face-to-face interactions are the lifeblood of lasting partnerships in the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors. Keeping this in mind, we are now putting up a grand finance event to reunite industry experts, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs to reignite innovation and collaborations.

Our three-day event will keep you engrossed with a fusion of learning sessions and networking events. In this blog, we will review and give you a quick glimpse into what’s in store for you at our finance conference in Las Vegas in 2022:

Breaking through the noise

At the Money 2.0 Conference, we deliver solutions that go beyond mere theories. Here, you may just get the opportunity to listen to valuable insights from the next Warren Buffett or Mark Cuban! Or, you may come across ideas that have the potential to completely change the world’s relationship with money.

Our keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats are specially designed to highlight practical strategies for portfolio diversification and unparalleled business growth in the hyper-competitive 21-century marketplace. Learn what’s new in the fields of real estate investments, retirement planning, tax structuring, fraud/scam prevention, and know more about lucrative markets from some of the smartest minds in the financial services sector. If growth is on your 2022 agenda, this is where you need to be.

Meeting of the masters

Want to connect with head honchos, bankers, investors, financial analysts, and economists who have made their mark in the industry? The Money 2.0 Conference’s USA event will serve as a gathering place for emerging and established professionals seeking to expand their wealth of contacts.

We believe in the magic of interactions and their impact on the world. That is why we have walked the extra mile to come up with unique 1:1 networking sessions spread across three days.

Build partnerships with fellow peers, find mentors, close deals with major vendors, or simply have freewheeling conversations about the current economic landscape with industry leaders — there’s a lot you can do here.

Exploration of new technologies & opportunities

With FinTech breaking new ground in the financial services, insurance, asset management, and banking spaces, we have seen enough proof of the fact that if innovative business ventures are equipped with the right tools, growth becomes inevitable. Therefore, we will invite early-stage FinTech start-ups as well as major tech companies to showcase their relevant solutions at the Money 2.0 Conference. Walk by our exhibit booths to demo products that can supercharge your business.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur looking to raise seed funding or to recruit the right partners, consider signing up for our start-up pitching sessions which will be attended by well-known investors, VCs, and industry leaders.

As you can see, the Money 2.0 Conference’s USA event will be abuzz with activity. Do register for the finance summit before passes sell out!

01/19/2022 - 16:08
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