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A Crypto Conversation: Let’s Take A Look At The Future

Bitcoin created waves throughout the world when it quietly made an entrance in 2009. Of course, skeptics predicted that the buzz would soon die out, that it was the “mother of all bubbles”, and the masses would never ease up to it.

But crypto critics couldn’t have been more wrong! Now, the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs vouch for cryptocurrencies, and there are more alternatives available than ever before - Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, and so on.

Should one invest in Bitcoin in 2022? Will cryptocurrencies replace paper money in the very near future? Well, the coming days are going to be extremely interesting for crypto enthusiasts, and its popularity is evident by the fact that there are quite a few sessions dedicated to this subject in the 2022 editions of the Money 2.0 Conference. One of the most-awaited finance and insurance events, the conference will have expert speakers to give us a lay of the land and to explain what’s next in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Alluring

The very tenets of cryptocurrencies - it’s decentralized, democratized, secure from payment fraud, and traceable - render it attractive as a financial alternative to those looking for high returns. In addition to this, it is also a welcome entry after the Great Recession of 2008 that was largely attributed to centralized financial institutions.

It is not just the future of financial transactions but is also a marker of how far 21-st century technology has come, in terms of innovation, ease of use, and speed. Even the financial giants such as Signature Bank and JPMorgan Chase believe that cryptocurrency is extremely promising and has the potential to dramatically reduce the expenditure of banks on things like paper checks processing. This has enhanced interest in it, with people keeping a watchful eye over the market.

Final Note For Investors

With lawmakers around the world gearing up to draft concrete laws for cryptocurrency regulation, it is important to note that such shifts will have a significant impact on their prices. However, the introduction of Bitcoin ATMs, its adoption by FinTech companies such as PayPal and Square, and the vocal backing of CEOs of conglomerates naturally point to a future when goods and services will be increasingly bought with cryptocurrencies.

Volatility is common in the global financial market, and crypto assets are no different. With it slowly entering the mainstream, it will soon mold itself to the ebbs and flows that the market is known for. In the coming years, we will certainly see rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies, with some market pundits going as far as to say that digital currencies will become as ubiquitous as the credit card.

What does this mean for investors who wish to grow their portfolios? The crypto market is certainly an attractive one, with great possibilities and potential. While it makes sense to diversify your portfolio, a wise route would be to steer clear of big bets and also invest in stable markets, keeping in mind the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The Money 2.0 Conference, which is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, USA, and Dubai, UAE in 2022, will spotlight recent trends revolving around digital currencies, new developments, and predictions by top financial analysts who are authoritative voices on the crypto revolution of this century.

09/06/2021 - 12:00