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Creative (Tech) Revolution In The Finance Industry

In the aftermath of a changing world post-COVID, organizations have promptly adopted digitization and automation, along with RPA (robotic process automation). Finance as a function has massively changed over the couple of years, but the rate of change appears to be slower than what is needed in this dynamic global environment. According to a study, finance executives believe that the future state of an F&A function is one in which accounting transactions flow like water and finance professionals focus on driving strategic objectives.

To be successful in the finance industry, you must think outside the box – or, at the very least, outside of your own head. Because it's what they know and what they're comfortable with, most financial professionals adhere to a rather rigid framework that has been used for decades upon decades. However, this creative revolution in this field necessitates that people begin to consider new ways to do things; otherwise, you will fall behind in the business world. Many C-level executives turn to accounting and finance conferences in order to stay updated on the latest trends and gain varied insights into the developments taking place in the sector.

What's Really Happening In The Finance World?

Numerous jobs in the sector have been automated in recent years, which means that people once had a specific role to fill, but those tasks are now digitized. So, what does this imply for us? It means we must reinvent ourselves and figure out how to maximize the value of our financial expertise. Here are some pointers for getting your foot in the door for new jobs as well as making yourself an asset for existing ones.

How Digitization Has Reinvented Financial Services?

As a result of new tech disrupting traditional business models, many companies are struggling to stay afloat. Across industries, organizations are finding that their current frameworks for doing business aren’t effective in today’s world. But rather than trying to change everything at once, a smarter approach is to put one foot in front of another and try out new processes—and tools—one step at a time.

New Campaigns As A Creative Solution

Most people regard financial activities as a necessary evil that they would prefer to avoid if they could. Taking a creative approach to campaigns in the finance field may change that, especially if you incorporate creative marketing ideas for banks and FinTechs such as gamification, automation, chatbots, and rewards to motivate customers to use your services. No matter what type of investor, understanding macroeconomics is one of the key things to success. As a result, it will play a crucial role in deciding which sectors are more attractive than others and how different investments react to economic fluctuations over time.

What Does The Future Hold?

If you think about it, finance and accounting have been run on a fairly archaic model for years. Sure, technology has advanced considerably in that time, but processes have remained much the same. Most firms still rely on spreadsheets to analyze big data and report back on performance. With AI already changing how banks, insurance companies, and FinTechs serve their customers, we could see finance and accounting become more streamlined as firms continue to adopt artificial intelligence.

As witnessed at global finance conferences, such as the Money 2.0 Conference, innovative new startups are already gaining ground by streamlining their processes and optimizing performance in real-time using machine learning algorithms. If finance is going through an identity crisis right now, who knows what it will look like in a few years?

05/30/2022 - 13:08
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Vinayak Joshi is an integral part of the Money 2.0 Conference team who is curious about the world of finance. With a keen interest in cybersecurity, internet financial fraud detection, scam investigation, and digital forensics, his passion lies in helping people traverse the internet securely. A self-declared anti-spam and phishing expert, when Vinayak is not working, he loves to read crime fiction, write, and play basketball.