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As Money 2.0 Conference is an in-person event, we are rising up to the COVID-19 challenge and are taking a host of steps to ensure adherence to safety and health regulations set forth by local and state authorities. Know More


5 Reasons To Register For 2022’s Money 2.0 Conference

The world’s leading money conference will take place in Las Vegas and Dubai in 2022, where you will be acquainted with global leaders in finance and insurance! Here, we will discuss the forces shaping the world of money and highlight new approaches to tackle existing challenges professionals face in the industry. By bringing leading experts and analysts to our global stage, we will review the current financial ecosystem and dish out predictions and insights to help you take your business and career forward.

But that’s not all there is! One of the top finance conferences, we have a lot of opportunities lined up for businesses and individuals who are passionate about the world of money. Here are some of the things you can expect at the Money 2.0 Conference:

Networking like never before

Our global platform will be a meeting place for people looking to make money work for them. Connect with experts—from tech giants who are making ripples in the FinTech world, intelligent investors, financial analysts, insurers, economists, as well as C-level executives looking for professional guidance to ramp up profits. Just so you know, 51% of the crowd consists of decision-makers from top finance and insurance companies. Hence, if you are looking to find a mentor, discuss career opportunities, or share your ideas, this is the place you need to be if making profitable connections is on your 2022 agenda.

At the Money 2.0 Conference, we will have several networking sessions wherein you can break the ice with fellow peers over coffee! It’s up to you whether you want to have a light chat or discuss business straight away. Our previous financial events have witnessed the closing of double-digit deals and the beginning of promising collaborations, so you can rest assured that you will be in good company when you are with us!

Top-notch content

Have been unable to get your dose of market info for too long because of the pandemic? The Money 2.0 Conference is here to shake things up for you! One of the biggest post-COVID finance conferences in the USA and Dubai, this in-person event will bring to you actionable insights and information regarding emerging markets and investment opportunities. Our keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, and live Q&A sessions will be packed with tips, strategies, and success secrets to help you draft your personal and professional financial planning strategies for 2022.>

Over the course of three days, remarkable speakers will share their vision for the future, leave you with critical industry intel, portfolio diversification tactics, and review the factors that will shape the global economy in the coming years.

Recognizing stalwarts

With the economy bearing the brunt of the pandemic-fuelled social distancing regulations, the last few months have been extremely challenging for the financial services sector. However, a few luminaries stood out. They exhibited resilience and came up with new solutions and products that not only made the lives of people easier during these unprecedented times but also helped thousands of businesses stay afloat. In addition to this, a few leaders in finance jumped into action and took concrete actions to ensure business continuity and bring in a steady stream of revenue. At the Money 2.0 Conference, we will be spotlighting their contributions, their commitment to innovation, and their relentless pursuit of excellence.

As one of the top finance conferences, our recognition session is specially designed to acknowledge and applaud the go-getters in the financial services, banking, insurance, FinTech, and investment sectors. If you feel that your work makes the cut, then you too can send in your application for our review! If you become a finalist, you stand a chance to make headlines on social media and on our global platform.

Amplifying your brand

A diverse client base awaits you at the Money 2.0 Conference! You can choose to position your business as a frontrunner by utilizing the limited sponsorship opportunities to boost brand recall at our financial events. If you are more hands-on, book an exhibit booth and reach out to attendees personally to talk about your products and services. And, of course, emerging start-ups can also throw their hats into the ring for our special pitching sessions before well-known venture capitalists and investors from all over the world. This way, not only will you be able to give your business a major boost overseas, but you may also come across investors on the look-out for worthy projects at our upcoming international finance events in Vegas and Dubai.

A confluence of thought leaders

Whoever said, “spend time with people who are smarter, wiser than you,” knew that they had hit the nail right on the head! Being in the midst of experienced investors, veterans, and skilled wealth managers provides you with learning experiences that you probably won’t get from any book about money management or business.

Getting oneself out there, brainstorming, sharing perspectives and ideas with people who matter in the industry can be eye-opening for you at our international finance conference. You will come across solutions that you may have never considered, novel ideas that may work wonders for your business in your specific geographical location, as well as learn from the mistakes and success stories of those who are at the top rung of the ladder. By putting yourself in an environment that’s conducive to learning and has some of the brightest minds, you essentially end up gathering leadership advice as well as tons of information, that too, within three days. Rather a smart investment in yourself and your financial education, don’t you think?


Yes, you are in for a gala time at the upcoming finance events in Dubai and Las Vegas. Connections, recognition opportunities, and of course, engrossing discussions await you. Be a part of a gathering that includes award-winning peers, industry bigshots, representatives from top FinTech companies and banks, and have a look at the trends that you can take advantage of to stay ahead of the competition in this rapidly-evolving financial landscape. Return with insights that can help your team to serve your clients better. Only a few tickets remain, so if you would like to add your name to our attendee list, then do act fast!

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