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As Money 2.0 Conference is an in-person event, we are rising up to the COVID-19 challenge and are taking a host of steps to ensure adherence to safety and health regulations set forth by local and state authorities. Know More

The law and financial services professions serve as a critical safety net for society. Society can't exist without law enforcement and finance. While lawyers help people get justice and be aware of their rights, finance managers make sure that money is properly collected, invested, and spent to meet the needs of a business and society as a whole.

We, at the Money 2.0 Conference, plan to take this opportunity to spotlight the groundbreaking work of these visionaries. Through our exclusive recognition session, we will honor these exemplary individuals and brands who have always been proactive at leveraging legal tools, optimizing their business operations, and driving creative innovations in the insurance, legal, banking, and finance arenas.

Finalists will be entitled to benefits, including, but not limited to:
  •   Being honored on a global stage before experts
  •   Exclusive networking opportunities with industry leaders
  •   International exposure for your organization
  •   Live coverage of the recognition session
  •   Dedicated marketing campaigns to promote your success
  •   Exclusive interviews and press releases.

Are you a go-getter, or do you know someone who is making extraordinary progress in the realms of law and finance? Fill out the form below, and we will reach out to you!

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Seize this opportunity to gain recognition and global fame!

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